What to do when there is an issue

What the Mr Yum support team is able to help with

When there is an issue, who do you call?

Mr Yum!

We can help with most things but some situations would need to have your POS invovled, unless you are exclusively using Mr Yum as the POS.

The Mr Yum team will still help investigate and escalate the issues if you were uncertain, and our support team will let you know when to contact your POS for help.

What Mr Yum Support is able to help with

- Mr Yum menu updates and advice to bring the best out of your menu

- Enquires on payments made through Mr Yum

- Red orders on your Mr Yum Live Orders page

When the POS needs to be invovled

Mr Yum sends over the order information to your POS but we don't have control over the following:

- Where your dockets print or how they print

- Settings on the POS

- When the orders are green on Mr Yum but not printing

- When orders put through from your POS isn't printing as well

- When the POS severs are down