What is an Upsell?

Upsells prompt customers to add more menu items to their order. Such as the “Grab a drink 🍷” upsell group shown here on all food items. 

It's a good idea to pair snack upsells with drinks, drinks or dessert upsells with food items and pair sides upsells with mains.

Upsells are different to modifiers in the sense that upsells add additional menu items; modifiers typically add/remove ingredients or variations to the actual menu item they’re attached to.

Upsells increase your average sale significantly. If you don't have the time to configure them, consider using our Smart Suggestions feature!

Create an Upsell Group

  1. Go to Your Menu > Upsells.

  2. Click on the Add Upsell Group button.

  3. Type in the name of the Upsell Group. For example, "Grab a Drink 🍹".

    Here are some upsell group naming inspirations for you:
    • Pairing menu items with drinks upsells - “Grab a Drink? 🥤” or “Thirsty?” 

    • Pairing menu items with sides or snacks upsells - “Grab a side?” or “Still Hungry?”

    • Pairing drink items with snacks or sides - “Peckish?”

    • Pairing main menu items with dessert - “There's always room for dessert! 🍧” 

  4. Leave all the default settings as per below

  • Select Type: If set to Single, guests can only choose one upsell. If set to Multi, they can choose multiple upsells. We recommend leaving this on Multi.
  • Select Requirement: If set to Optional, the guest does not have to buy an upsell. If set to Required, they will need to choose an upsell to proceed. In general, this should be set to optional.
  • Display Options: If set to Expanded, the guest will see all upsells without needing to do anything. If set to Collapsed, the guest will need to click on the header to expand the upsell group to see the upsells. If set to Hidden, the guest will not see the upsell group. We recommend setting this to Expanded For a group to be hidden, upsell must be required and have a single selection.
  • Minimum & Maximum Quantity allow you to set the min and max amount of upsells a guest can select.
  • If you toggle Has preselected option, you can preselect an upsell that the guest will need to unselect if they don't want to purchase.
  • If you toggle Respect cart quantity (if upsells are modifiers), when a guest adds an upsell that is a modifier, it will add the same amount of upsells as the item they purchased. e.g. if the customer bought 3 burgers and selected a bacon modifier as an upsell, it will add 3 serves of bacon. This function is primarily used for combo deals where you want the quantity of both items within the deal to respect the cart quantity.

Add upsell items to upsell groups

  1. After you have set up an upsell group, select the first icon in the Actions column.

  2. Select Add upsell item

  3. Search for the item and the select it.

  4. Toggle on Show Full Price - this makes sure that the price is shown on the upsell list

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you have added all the required upsell items to the upsell group.

You can reposition the upsell items by selecting the hamburger icon (3 stacked lines) next to the image and dragging it to the required position.

Link the upsell groups to menu items

  1. Select Add menu items

  2. Search and tick all menu items that you wish the upsell group to appear on.

    1. The only menu items that will be shown here are the items that aren't already linked to that upsell group.

  3. You can change the position by clicking the edit button (2nd icon under the actions column) and changing the number.
The Position is the order in which this upsell group appears on each menu item it is linked to. This is important if you have multiple modifiers and upsell groups e.g, cooking-style modifier group and a drink upsell group and a dessert upsell group for the same menu items.  If you want the upsell group to appear on the bottom of any other modifier or upsell group, enter a higher number such 6, and if you want the upsell item above the other groups make sure the number is lower than the others e.g. 3,4 to appear after modifier groups for example.