Upsells with images

This help doc outlines the new upsells and mods with images feature on Mr Yum Key features:

  • If an upsell has an image, when it's presented on a menu item, it will display
  • Customer can click through to customise the upsell from the menu item
  • Future work will also allow the customer to increment the quantities of upsells. 
  • No changes to the cart, receipt, live orders, or dockets
  • This requires no set-up for the venue or future management 


1. Guests can scroll the menu per normal


2. Menu item view  with upsells with images



3 Upsell from menu item view


4, View of the upsell on the menu item once selected. Customers will be able to remove the upsell from their order by clicking on "remove". 



5. View of the cart with the upsells added, nested underneath it's related menu item.