Understanding the Live Orders page

When customers order dine-in, pickup or delivery, the orders will all appear on your Live Orders page inside Mr Yum's back office. If you are POS integrated, the orders will ALSO show inside your POS.

To access your live orders inside Mr Yum, go to Orders > Live Orders.

New orders will appear on the Live Orders tab of this page. Here is what each colour means:

  1. Green: Order has successfully made it into your POS.

  2. Blue: Pre-order by a customer has been placed. This means they have chosen a time to pickup or get delivery. All customers get SMS'd a confirmation of their pickup/delivery time.
    1. IMPORTANT: These blue orders won't go into your POS until 20 minutes (or whatever buffer you choose) before the pickup time. This means if someone goes to your menu at 10am and pre-orders for 4pm, the order won't appear in your POS (or go to KDS/printers) until 3:40pm.

  3. Red: Order is not accepted by the POS. This is not an issue from the consumer's end, but rather an issue with the integration to the POS system. You will need to manually enter the order into your POS and can later investigate why the POS rejected the order later. If you have SMS notifications turned on, you will also receive an SMS letting you know you have a red order. 

  4. Orange (only for restaurants that are NOT using pickup or delivery pre-order times): This colour is only used if you would like to manually SMS every customer who orders pickup/delivery to let them know the expected time the order will be ready. If you have pre-order times set up, you don't need to worry about this. If you have pre-order times, the customer will simply choose their pickup or delivery time and be automatically SMS'd to confirm they chose that time, and the order will show in blue. 

How to clear orders from the Live Orders screen

  1. Select Clear Orders button
  2. Choose what type of orders you would like to clear
  3. Select the period you would like to clear orders from
  4. Select Update

How to search on the live orders screen

In the search bar on the live orders screen you can search for orders by the guests name or table number. You can also search for an order by going to orders > orders & refunds and searching for the customers name or phone number here.