Triniteq Troubleshooting (When there are Red Orders on Mr Yum)

When an order goes Red on Mr Yum, You can quickly check out the issue before contacting our Support Team :)

How to Check the Error on Mr Yum

On your Live Orders Screen > Click on the Red Order > Click on View Order Details > Click on View Batch Details at the very bottom > view Error



POS Unacknowledged Order/POS Sent Failed Error

Error Reason: POS is offline/Internet Connection is not Stable

Fix: Reset your POS and Keep it on the Till Order Screen (cannot be on other Apps like Spotify)

POS Order Rejected Error

Error Reason: Item Out of Stock / Wrong PLU Code

Fix (Item Out of Stock): Re-Add Stock on the POS or Make the item unavailable on Mr Yum by clicking on the Availability Button then the Shopping Cart

Fix (Wrong PLU Code): Use the Chat Button on the Bottom right to contact our team


Mr Yum is here to help. Please contact our support team using the chat button on the bottom right corner and we will dig into the issue :)