Toast POS - How to add new items to your Mr Yum menu

This article explains how to add new items to your Mr Yum menu, if you are using Toast POS.


First you need to make sure the item exists inside Toast, then it can be added to Mr Yum.

Inside toast, you need to make sure the item is visible to either "online  orders: ordering partners" OR "online orders: Toast"

 If one of these settings is not ticked, you will not be able to add the item to Mr Yum:

Once the item is added into toast, and the setting above is ticked, you can begin adding Item to Mr Yum following these steps:

  1. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
  2. Click Bulk Operations
  3. Click Import from POS
  4. Search up the item that you want with the Search Bar
  5. Choose which items you want to put on your menu by clicking on the Checkbox.
  6. Once the checkbox is ticked, click on Import Items (shows up on the top of the list above name, replacing the search bar)
  7. Choose where you want it to go.
  8. Go back to Your Menu > Menu Items > the category where you've imported your item
  9. Click on the item > Turn on the toggle "Visible on Menu"