Introduction to Split & Pay

Split & Pay Functionality

  • Split & Pay allows guests to order from the waitstaff but pay from their table
  • Allow guests to split the bill evenly or pay a custom amount towards the total
  • Tipping, Holiday and weekend surcharges can be enabled from Mr Yum
  • Integrated with your POS for ease of use
  • Payment types that is supported:
    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Credit Card/Add new Credit Card
  • Receipts are visible from the payment confirmation page or the customers' email

How does it Work?

Sequence of Service

Your front of house staff are able to continue their amazing service by taking customer orders and entering them into the Point of Sale as usual.

With Split and Pay, your staff is able to provide the customers a QR code at the end of the meal for payment or have a QR code ready on the table.

Once scanned, your customers' order will show up on their phone where they are ready to pay their bill, split evenly or pay a custom amount among their party. 

Viewing the Bill

After the customer scans the QR code, the will be brought to Mr Yum page where they are able to pay their bill. 

The bill will show up with the items ordered and customers are able to hit "Show 5 more" if there are more products to display.


Adding on items to the Order

When the customers places another order from Staff after scanning the QR code > Staff adds items into the POS > The bill will auto refresh in 30 seconds to pull in the latest information

How to Split Bill

Customers can click on the Split Bill Button > Continue > Choose between Split Evenly, Custom Amount or Select Items

Split Evenly, Customers can choose to split the bill multiple ways then choose how many will they be paying for


Custom Amount, Allows customers to choose a custom amount 


Select Items, Allows customers to choose the items they would like to pay for

Partial Payments

Payments through Mr Yum and also the Staff is now possible with Partial Payments!

If a table of 4 prefers to pay through Mr Yum, but one person would like with the staff, Mr Yum would poll in the order information every 30 seconds and update the total order amount

For example below, the customer "Justin" paid through Mr Yum, but "Guest" paid through the staff and tills

How to enable Tips

Tips can be enabled on Mr Yum by going to your manage portal > Orders > Tipping

You can add a custom text to your tips and set the amount options you prefer.

The customers will be prompted to leave a tip during checkout

How to manage your orders

Fully paid orders will show on the Live Payments Screen on Mr Yum as Paid

While orders that are not fully paid will sit there as Pending

You are also able to view the details of the orders from this page: Accessable from your Mr Yum Manage Portal > Orders > Live Payments

What do all these Different Status Tags mean?

Paid - Payment Recieved and equals to cart total, POS recieved the payment and table has been closed off

Pending - Split payment session has been started but full cart has not been paid, waiting for remaining payment to be recieved

Expired - Split payment session started but no payment was received within 2 hours via Mr Yum

How to get customer reciepts

Customers are able to access their own reciepts from their phone by clicking on the View Receipt button after checkout

This will bring up all the payments that have been made, hitting View Receipt will then bring up the details of the order

Reciepts can also be set on the POS to print out upon payment completion

Frequently asked Questions

  • What are the ways a guest can split their bills?
    • Guests can split their bills evenly, decide how many parts they want to pay or pay a custom amount towards the total.
  • Is there a limit to how many splits?
    • No, but due to Stripe fees, we do not allow guests to pay less than $1 or 1 pound.
  • How do we handle amounts that don't evenly split?
    • We round up or down to the nearest cent and then split the total Or a custom amount can be entered. 
  • What are the payment options?
    • Payment options include Split Bill, Google Pay, Apply Pay, and Credit Card (add new CC)
  • Who pays the surcharge?
    • The surcharge is calculated as part of the total owed and split accordingly.
  • What happens after the first guest makes a payment?
    • The guests goes into a "waiting room" where they sit until the bill is paid in full. Once the final person pays, each guest is redirected to the confirmation.
  • What happens if the table overpays?
    • We will refund the the guest(s) the overpaid amount to their credit card within 3 to 5 days. They will also be notified via text.
  • How do refunds work?
    • Currently, refunds will need to be communicated to the Mr Yum team and it will be processed from Mr Yum's end.
    • A separate refund should be processed on the POS to ensure the reports are correct, but no cash should be returned to the customer as Mr Yum will refund the amount
  • Who pays the surcharge?
    • The surcharge is calculated as part of the total owed and split accordingly.
  • How long does the table have to settle the bill after the first person pays?
    • 3 hours.
    • All guest will recieve and are able to access their receipt for the amount they paid on the payment summary page or their email
  • Will I receive a receipt/invoice after full payment?
    • Yes, this will be on your phone after checkout
  • How will we track performance/success?
    • We've added Amplitude tracking and Mr Yum team will create dashboards on periscope on request.
  • What happens if there are any issues?
    • Please contact chat support or your account managers for help.