Setting up Epos Now Online Printing with Mr Yum

Your Online Order Printing Settings will differ based on if you are using an Windows Till or Android Till

Windows Till

The Windows Online Order Utility (WOOU) is used to print orders when the client has Tills running Windows.
1. To run the WOOU you will need to navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Epos
Now\POSSystem\OrderPrinter and run the OrderPrinter.exe executable. (Path may
be different depending on where the Epos Now software was originally installed)

2. When the executable is run a blue dot will appear in the notification bar in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

3. Click the blue dot and the following login popup will appear

4. Enter the clients Epos Now user name and password and click login. The blue dot
will now turn to yellow (means logged in but not running).

Tip: Hit the Pin button next to the X to keep this on the screen

5. Select the correct location for the venue

6. Select the printer type, if you want the online orders to go to the kitchen select
Order Types are linked to Epos Now Categories. Double check that the Categories
setup in the Back Office are linked to the correct Printer Type and that the Products
you are trying to print are linked to the correct Categories.

7. Select the physical printer from the list of Windows printers

8. Lastly on the Status section click ‘Run’

9. The WOOU should now be running and the yellow dot should have changed to

10. If all of the above is setup correctly, anytime a Transaction is created through the API the order should print. 


Android Till

The Android Online Order Utility (AOOU) is used to print orders when the client has Tills
running Android. This utility comes pre-installed on the Till.

1. Check that the AOOU service is currently running.

If the service is not running select ‘Start Service’. Also click the checkbox ‘Start
service on boot’

By dragging down from the top left hand corner of the screen you should now be able to see that the utility is running and how many prints have successfully been made.

2. On the Till navigate to the App Settings section to set up the printer.
Top left hamburger menu > Settings > App Settings

3. Select ‘Offline Order Printer Settings` and check if a printer has been set up.
If no printer is set up select the ‘+’ in the top right corner and add one. Make sure to
check ‘Use Enhanced Receipts’.

If Printers already exist, then skip this step

4. Once the printer is correctly set up and the AOOU service is running online orders
from the API can begin to start printing.