How to get your menu in front of more customers

Help customers find your menu by adding the link to your Instagram Bio, Google Business Listing and website.

  1. Add a link to your Mr Yum takeaway or delivery menu prominently on your website. It's important to direct all your web traffic to where it counts - your online menu. Avoid directing your customers to delivery websites where they charge you a large commission. 

  2. Add your Mr Yum Menu URL to your Google Business Listing. The main link you want to promote has the lowest fee but also the highest average sale. How? By including your menu link in the "Menu" and "Place your order" section.
  3. Add your Mr Yum menu URL to you Instagram link in bio. You only have one link in your IG bio, so make it count! By including your Mr Yum menu link, you're not only making people hungry with your incredible dishes and delicious photos, but you're also gaining valuable data (especially if you are utilising Mr Yum's social media integration).