Menu Homepage Updates & FAQs

Helping you navigate the changes made to your menu's homepage

Thanks to your valuable feedback (along with your customers) we've made some exciting changes to your menu's homepage. As a result, it'll be even easier for your customers to place an order, start a tab, book their delivery and simply navigate your menu. 

What's changing?

Your landing page

When you customers scan your QR code they will now be directed to your default ordering type. This is the main category that you use to place orders, e.g. Dine in, pick up, delivery. 

This will reduce the number of steps (clicks) it takes for your customers to place their order, resulting in quicker transactions and happier customers. 

Wanting to change your default ordering type? Follow the steps, HERE.


Easily navigate to other menus

Customers can view other menus by simply clicking the 'Dine-in' button.

New Banner Images

Customers are now greeted with your banner image - ensure you have uploaded a mobile and desktop image in the correct dimensions to add maximum impact. 

Follow the steps HERE to check that you have uploaded your images correctly. 

Logo Positioning

Your logo now lives within the top left hand side menu button. Similar to your banner images, ensure that you have uploaded your logo according to the recommended dimensions.

Refer to the link above for more details. 



NEW Customisable text field 

You can now add a customisable message that'll greet your customers from the moment they scan your QR code. This is perfect if you wish to inform your guests of batching windows, or ordering specifics. 

This message field can be updated in your Manage account, under the 'Home page & branding' tab within Venue Info. Simply populate the "order button text" with your desired welcome message. For more info, click here.

It's even easier to start a tab!

The 'Start a tab' button is now paired with a short description at the top of your menu. This will only appear for dine-in or counter pickup.

Updates to delivery pages 

Your customers will love how easy it is to find their address and navigate the delivery postcodes!



  • Can I choose the default ordering type?
    • Yes, you will be able to select a different default ordering type. Follow the steps outlined here
  • What if my venue only has one ordering type?
    • If you only have one ordering type (e.g. Dine-in), the new order type switcher will not display. User will only be able to change ordering type if there is more than one ordering type available.
  • Can I change the name of my ordering type? 
    • Yes, this can be updated under Orders > Settings > Name field
  • What happens if a table group or table number is required to see categories?
    • No changes will occur to the functionality, it will simply operate more gracefully than before. 
  • Will there be any changes to pop-up notifications?
    • There will be no changes to the pop up notification at this stage. 
  • Where will my logo sit in the new design?
    • Your venue's logo will now be accessible in the hamburger menu as highlighted above 
  • Who do I contact with questions?
    • Email if you have any questions or concerns about these changes