Multi-Vendor Ordering FAQ

Multi-Vendor Ordering (MVO) allows a guest to place one order across multiple venues in a single transaction.


Can I use MVO outside of the UK in Europe?


Can I use Yumpingo or Feeditback with MVO?


Do wait times work for MVO? No
If you mark an item as unavailable on the child site, will it become unavailable on the MVO site? Yes
Does Rewards Loyalty work with MVO? No
Do Rewards discount codes work with MVO? No
Do Rewards Memberships work with MVO? No
Do ordering windows work with MVO? No


How does a venue manage the MVO site?

  • Only Admins can add categories to a MVO Site. Owners can only remove categories from an MVO site.
  • If a venue wants to add a category to the MVO site, they will need to contact chat support or their Customer Success Manager.
  • If the venue has a list of rotating vendors, they can add all of the categories to the MVO Site, but will need to ensure they do the following:
    • Make sure the categories on the individual site are set to "Hidden when unavailable".
    • The individual venues can then adjust the opening hours on the individual sites categories.

How do you refund a guests order?

To refund a guests order, you will need to refund from each individual site.

How do payouts work?

  • Payouts for an individual site will work as normal. No payments are sent to the MVO site. As long as you have set up Hyperwallet payout details on the individual site, there is nothing additional you need to do for a multi-vendor site for payouts to work.

How to export Mr Yum Reports?

  • Sales and Payout reports can be viewed and exported on the individual site and not on the MVO site. Check this article on How to export Mr Yum Reports

How do I turn off a menu for an individual vendor?

  • Turning off ordering on the individual site will not disable ordering on the multi vendor site.
  • Instead, you will need to change the category hours on the individual site to closed. When you do this, the category on the MVO site listed as “Ordering not available”
    • If you don't want to show the category at all when it's closed, make sure you enable "Hide category when unavailable"
  • Check this helpful article to amend your category hours:
    Setting Menu Category Hours

How does the order of categories work?

  • The order of the categories will be randomised on each page refresh so that the top category doesn’t receive more orders than the bottom category.
  • We can fix the position of categories. To do this, please email

How does the search vendor feature work?

  • Because multi vendor venues can have lots of categories, we have added a search vendor feature at the top of the landing page. Guests can enter a search term which will match against the name of the vendors. It will not search through menu items or description.