Managing DoorDash Drive Orders in the US

How does it work?

It is so simple! 

1. The customer places an order for delivery.

2. The order appears on your Live Orders screen and goes into your POS so your kitchen can prepare the order.


If you click on the order inside the Mr Yum live orders page, you can see all the order details including the estimated pickup time (when it will be collected from you) and the estimated delivery time to the customer.


3. The customer receives the normal confirmation SMS from Mr Yum with their tax invoice link.

4. DoorDash calculates the time it needs to send the "dasher" to you in order to have the food delivered on time (based on the customer's chosen ordering window) and orders the driver when it needs to.

5. The customer receives an SMS from DoorDash letting them know their estimated delivery time and a URL to track the status of their order, including showing the "dasher" on the map coming towards them.

6. The customer receives an SMS from DoorDash letting them know their delivery driver is approaching.



7. Once the food is delivered to the customer, the order automatically moves to the Completed Orders tab of your Live Orders screen.

What do I do if I need help with a delivery order?

Call DoorDash Support USA on (855) 973-1040

For all doordash support, including feedback and refunds of DoorDash fees, please contact DoorDash support directly: