Loyalty FAQs

What is Loyalty and how does it work?

You can now create your own loyalty program using Reward - an additional all-in-one marketing platform for Mr Yum venues that’s completely free. This opens up countless marketing, loyalty and reward possibilities - keeping your customers coming back over and over again. 

What is Loyalty? 

Loyalty is an optional feature that allows customers to earn and redeem points on their Mr Yum orders. It houses all the great qualities of a points based loyalty program, without the ongoing management. Once set up, customers will be able to opt-in to your loyalty program after completing their order and begin earning points.  

How does a customer join?

Customers will have the option to join your loyalty program after they have completed their order. They will then be presented with a screen displaying how many points they could’ve received - prompting them to enter their email address to join. If they already have their email address associated with their Mr Yum account, they will only have to press the ‘get my points’ button to join - simple as that! 

When a customer joins Loyalty, can I legally market to them?

Yes! By joining your loyalty program they are also opting into your marketing database, meaning they are providing consent for you to email and SMS them after they leave your venue. +1 on your loyalty program +1 on your database! Please note, if you want to exclusively email your loyalty members you would need to download the customer list off of Reward as customers are not automatically 'tagged' with their Loyalty status. 

Trial venues, such as Hightail have seen upwards of 12.5% organic customer uptake.


How many points does a customer earn each time they spend?

For every $1 spent, the customer earns 100 points. 

100 points = $0.10

The customer therefore earns back 10% of every purchase.


What is the minimum points balance?

You can choose the minimum points balance that must be earned prior to allowing redemptions to occur. E.g. If you set a 5000 point minimum, customers need to spend $50 before they can redeem points for a discount on their Mr Yum bill.


When do points get added to a customer's account?

Points will be added to the customer's loyalty account within 24 hours. This encourages repeat visitation as the customer cannot keep earning and redeeming all in one sitting. 


How does a customer see their points balance? 

A customer can view their points balance when they click the menu button (three horizontal lines on the top left hand side of your menu). This points balance updates overnight when they are synced. 

Can customers earn points across a venue group?

Yes, we can set up your loyalty program to be valid across your venue group. This is a great way to encourage your customers to visit other locations whilst staying loyal to your group. It’s a win-win! 


When customers start a tab, do they earn points on every order processed?

If a customer has joined your Loyalty program and starts a tab, they will receive the points for all orders processed within that tab (permitted they meet the requirements for earning points).


Can I see how many members have joined? 

Yes! Within your Reward account,  you can see the total number of participants along with how many points they have earned/ redeemed. 


Can I merge members from my current loyalty program into this one? 

At the moment you cannot merge members from any outstanding loyalty programs. However, you could choose to manually adjust your members points balance to bridge the gap between your previous Loyalty program and your new Mr Yum Loyalty program. 


Can I reward my customers with a discount instead of allowing them to accrue points?

If you’d prefer to reward your customers with a flat percentage discount instead of a points system, we’d recommend using Reward memberships. This allows you to upload a list of mobile phone numbers and assign a specific % discount. For example, you could use Reward memberships to grant your local customers a 20% off discount all the time. Whenever these customers scanned your QR code they’d automatically see their discounted price - no coupon required. 

If Reward memberships would be more suited to you and your venue's needs, email venues@mryum.com to get set up. 


How do I promote my Loyalty program?

To get the most out of your Loyalty program, tell your customers! We recommend posting about your Loyalty program on your social media channels, as well as using in-venue signage. To help you get started, we've created a suite of editable Canva templates.


A3 In-venue poster template: Click here 

Instagram post template: Click here

Instagram story template: Click here

Never used Canva before?

Watch this short video: Click here



How do I get set up with Loyalty for my venue?

Submit your details using this form or email venues@mryum.com