Introduction to Reward

Keep your customers coming back and grow your business with Mr Yum Rewards.

Use the reward tool to create campaigns that will incentivise your customers to visit your venue time and time again, whether that be with a points based Loyalty program, a free menu item, or a % or $ off special.


The reward tool provides you with multiple options for rewarding your customers;

  • Loyalty program = point based reward program
  • Discount codes = codes that grant customers to a specific discount, ie; $ off, % off, Free item etc.
  • Gift cards = Basically like Cash. $50 gift card can be used over time until the balance is $
  • Membership tiers = tiered reward (% off) that is assigned to mobile numbers

To help you navigate this tool, we have created a series of articles that clearly stipulate the types of voucher codes that you can create and the associated validation rules. This will help you create the most effective campaigns, that drive the results you’re wanting to achieve!  


Scoopy effectively utilizes coupon codes to increase customer engagement along with average order value. To learn how, watch this short video.


Keen to use Mr Yum rewards?

The Reward tool operates with a separate login to your Manage account. If you're looking to register an account, please contact to setup your account.


Please note, when the Reward tool is enabled for your venue you can no longer create discounts & surcharges within Manage, except for those which are set to apply venue-wide. To learn more on how to set venue-wide discounts/surcharges on Mr Yum, please click here.