Introduction to Loyalty

Get to know more about your customers and reward them while you do with your own Loyalty program powered through Mr Yum.

Our Loyalty system allows you to reward your customers using a points-based system. With just one click, customers can opt-in after completing their order. They’ll even earn points for that transaction!

How does it work?

It’s a simple, points based system whereby the customer earns back 10% of their orders.

Every $1 spent = 100 points

Every 100 points = $0.10 in accrued loyalty value

When can points be redeemed?

Once a customer meets the minimum points balance (set by you), they can choose to redeem their points for dollars off their Mr Yum bill. The minimum points balance ensures that customers have an incentive to come back - they want to redeem their points! This increases frequency of visits while also driving up the lifetime value of that custom - big wins for you and your venue!

Here’s why your venue will love Loyalty powered through Mr Yum

Customer loyalty

By rewarding your customers you're giving them a reason to choose your venue - over and over again.

It's easy to manage

After your account is set up, Loyalty requires little ongoing management. All you need to do is tell your customers about your epic new loyalty program and watch the members list grow!

Increase your database

Every loyalty member also opts into your marketing database, allowing you to communicate with them after they leave your venue.

Create group wide loyalty

Loyalty can be linked to your venue group - encouraging your customers to visit other locations whilst staying loyal to your network.

Customer retention

Loyalty helps you build stronger connections with your customers, allowing you to reward and engage with the members that matter most.

Product features

We're working hard to provide you with the best loyalty program out there. Stay tuned for more product news...

Ready to get started with Loyalty?

Click here and fill out the short form. If you'd prefer to hear more about how Loyalty would work for your venue, email us at: or contact your account manager.

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