Introduction to Connect: Mr Yum's CRM

Helping you build deeper connections with audiences is our bread and butter. We offer services purpose-built for hospitality and understand your unique needs.

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Mr Yum acquired the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform in a quest to create more personalised dining experiences.

  • Ordering, payments, and marketing tools work better together by increasing the data you can collect from guests
  • Details like phone, email, food & drink order details and total value is then automatically sent to Sprout.
  • You can automate sending email and sms offers, invitations and birthday discounts and more in a few simple steps - without excess effort. 

How does Customer Relationship Management (CRM) work? All your data from multiple platforms is collected into one central place allowing you to understand the customer in one single view helping to enrich and better monetise your data. 


What does a CRM do?

Increase engagement: Use data to personalise communications at the moments that matter via email and sms. 

Increase retention: Keep customers engaged with ongoing communications to entice them back to your venue.

Save time: Create automated campaigns for welcome emails, birthdays and integrated with your bookings, POS, and mobile ordering data.

Increase revenue: By increasing engagement + retention with your customers you will increase revenue. 


What is the CRM customer journey?


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