Introduction to Boomerang

Boomerang is Mr Yum's all-in-one discount & loyalty platform.

Welcome to the most advanced & dynamic voucher features of any ordering system on the market. Using Boomerang you can create your own Loyalty program as well as flexible discount code vouchers for % off, $ off specific menu items, sections, categories and much more. 

Here are a few of the ways you can use Boomerang for vouchers and discounts:

You can also add validation rules to each voucher, to ensure you're targeting the correct audience or boosting the average order value.

Here are a few validation rule examples: 

Item Based: Only valid for a certain item, section or category 

Spend Based: Only valid when a customer spends over $50 

Time Based: Day of the week, time of day, special event (Valentine's Day, Christmas). 


Scoopy effectively utilises coupon codes to increase customer engagement along with average order value. To learn how, watch this short video.


Loyalty: Through Mr Yum you can now create your own Loyalty program which is powered by Boomerang. Loyalty allows you to reward your customers with a points based earning system, keeping them coming back over and over again. 

To learn more about Loyalty and how it works, click here. 


How to set up Boomerang:

Boomerang operates with a seperate login to your Manage account. If you're looking to register for Boomerang, please contact support or your Account Manager. 

Please note, when Boomerang is enabled for your venue you can no longer create discounts & surcharges within Manage, except for those which are set to venue-wide discounts/surcharges. To learn more on how to set venue-wide discounts/surcharges on Mr Yum, please click here.