Impact Printer Physical Set Up

Step 1: Unboxing the printer

You should have the printer, ribbon, test paper, wall power plug, & instructions. Plug the printer into power, open up the printer by pulling on the lever, take your ribbon making sure that it is pulled tight and insert it into the front of the printer, insert your test paper roll into the printer, close the front, and back, and tear off the extra paper.

Step 2: Connecting to the internet

Via ethernet cable without Wi-Fi adapter: your printer will stay connected to this internet modem by the ethernet cable, it will need to stay in the same location.Via ethernet cable with Wi-Fi adapter: connect the ethernet cable to your internet modem that your printer will connect to wirelessly.For more information, email or visit and chat to our team.

Step 3: Plug in Ethernet cable

Insert the ethernet cable facing up, and Wi-Fi adaptor into the USB port, wait for red flashing to turn to green, to get IP address turn off the printer, hold down on circle feed button and turn the printer back on, keep holding down until it starts printing then let go, two pieces of paper will be printed, discard the first, after a minute the second piece will be printed which will include your IP address.


Online Printer Set-Up

Phase 1: Update the printer firmware

Connected to same internet network that you have connected your printer to, type the IP address into the Google URL bar, you will now be on the STAR website, log in with your username “root”, and password “public”, on the LHS click firmware update, press check for updates, pause, if there is no update then it is up to date and you can skip this step, if there is an update scroll down to the bottom, press download, this can take a few minutes, log in, update password, make your new password “mryum2020” all lowercase, submit, press save on the LHS, restart your device, press execute, a success window will pop up, press ok.

Phase 2: Connect your menu

Visit, log in, find your venue, click venue details, select drop-down options for POS, change tablet to direct printing, save, click direct printing on LHS, add printer on right-hand side, name accordingly, click create, it will say it is offline currently with no MAC address, copy cloud print link by clicking the button on RHS, back to STAR page, log in with new password, on LHS click cloud print, paste cloud print URL into server URL, set polling time to 10 seconds, press submit, save on LHS, click restart device, execute, wait about 1 minute, a success box will pop up, go back to the Manage portal, it will say online at MAC address, your printer has been correctly configured to communicate with your Mr Yum menu.

Phase 3: Define printer groups

One printer: you only need to make one printer groupTwo or more printers: operating in different areas, e.g. a kitchen and bar printer, you will need two groups, all food items will print to the kitchen and drink items will print to the bar, add a printer group by pressing on the top right corner, name it accordingly, press create, link printer group to printer, press link printers, select printer, link

Phase 4: Link menu items

Select menu items, bulk operations, select items, assign printer group, click box next to ‘Name’ to select all items, don’t forget to add printer group when you add a new menu item.

Phase 5: Connect Wi-Fi adapter

Go back to the IP address tab, log in, wireless connection, enter under site survey, connect to Wi-Fi network that your printer is connected to, enter regular internet password, connect, save on LHS, restart device, execute, pause, unplug ethernet cable, turn off and on, you’re all set.