How to set up a multiple modifier?

What are multiple modifiers?

Multiple Modifier, allows guests to increment the number of modifiers they want to further customise their selections. This is denoted with a modifier having a quantity stepper near the modifier. 

How it works (and the rules):

  • Venues can now set a max and min for each modifier added to a menu item in Manage.
  • This updates the UI to allows the guest to increase or decrease the quantity, showing the price changes instantaneously.
  • The quantity carries across to the cart, receipt, live orders, and orders and refunds in Manage
  • Additional work has been done to ensure we honour a min or max quantity set for a modifier group
  • If quantity is set to max one for a modifier or modifier group, we do not show the quantity stepper on the menu item

How to set up modifiers min and max in Manage

  1. Log in to Manage using your account details
  2. There are a few paths you can take to update the quantity
    1. Your menu >> menu items (and navigate to your modifier / modifier groups)
  3.  Setting the min and max quantity at the mod group level
    • single/required - will not show a counter
    • single/optional - will not show a counter and can be used when changing dietaries
    • multiple/optional/required - for multiple modifiers

4.   Setting the max quantity on a menu item level.

5.   Hit save and view your menu item

Other things to note:

  • Full list of POS the feature is available for can be found on the page below but also listed here:
    • Abacus
    • Bepoz
    • Deliverect
    • Doshii
    • H&L Direct V2
    • Hubster
    • IdealPos
    • Ikentoo
    • Kounta
    • LightSpeedK
    • Lotus
    • Redcat
    • SwiftPOS
    • Triniteq
    • Upserve
    • Wizbang
  • The feature is not turn ON by default but is available upon request. Please reach out to your Account Managers for more questions.