How to add new items into your menu - Epos Now Integrated

What is the Epos Now Sync?

The Epos Now sync brings in all of your menu items from Epos Now into an intermediate page on Mr Yum, called Bulk Operations. Through this page, you can select the items that you'd like to have on your Mr Yum menu and import it.

Prices and modifiers attached to the items will be brought in automatically when the items are imported. Once the item is imported, any changes made to the prices will mirror your POS and automatically updates when you make a change on your point of sale.

Any changes to prices should be done through Epos Now and not through manage Mr Yum.

How to import items directly from Epos Now

There are two parts to adding new items and linked modifiers/option sets to Mr Yum. It's important that you follow both sections, otherwise, the items won't be visible to customers.

Part 1: How to sync items

Do not create new menu items in Mr Yum because you will be syncing these.
  1. Create your menu categories and sections. Refer to Structuring your menu - creating categories, sections & items.
  2. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
  3. Click Bulk Operations.
  4. Click Import from POS.
  1. Search for the menu items that you want to put on your menu.
  2. Tick the checkbox to the left of the items' name.
  3. Click Import Items.
  4. Choose the category and section for the menu item.
  5. Untick the boxes to the left of the items' name.
  6. Return to step 5 to add another menu item. Once all items are added, proceed to the second part.
Modifiers connected to the item in Epos Now will be automatically connected in Mr Yum.

Part 2: How to activate menu items

Once the items are imported into your menu, you will need to manually activate these items in order for them to show on your menu.

  1. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
  2. Click into your menu category.
  3. Click into your imported menu item.
  4. Edit your item's name and description.
  5. Select your item Category: Food, drink, or other.
  6. Toggle on Visible on menu.
  7. Click Update.

What can be customised on Mr Yum

Due to the nature of the integrations, there are several things you are able to customize on Mr Yum while there are others that you will need to change on your POS to prevent integration errors.

Customisable only through your POS

  1. Item Prices
  2. Price of Modifiers

Customisable on Mr Yum

  1. Photos
  2. Name of Items & Modifiers
  3. Description
  4. Popular Tag
  5. Availability
  6. Dietaries
  7. Upsells & Upgrades
  8. Linking existing POS modifiers to items
  9. Modifier Positions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to import all of the items individually?
    Yes. Items in your POS does not appear automatically, all new items must first be imported.
  2. I've ticked the checkboxes but it's saying that "no menu item was selected'?
    Please make sure that the items you're selecting are not modifiers. You will only be importing the items and not the modifiers. To import modifiers, you'll need to create options in an option set and link them to the items.
  3. I've imported items but it's not showing to my customers?
    Please check whether the item is visible on the menu by following the second section 'How to activate menu items'
  4. What will make the sync update the Mr Yum menu?
    The sync updates the menu whenever a change is made in your POS.
  5. I've updated my POS, why aren't the changes showing on Mr Yum?
    The sync may take up to 10 minutes to update your menu, depending on the number of items you have in your POS. For this reason, we recommend not updating your menu during service.
  6. Does deleting an item from my POS deletes it from Mr Yum?
    No. Deleting an item from your POS without deleting it from Mr Yum does not prevent customers from ordering, and will cause an integrations error.
  7. Does deleting a modifier from My POS deletes it from Mr Yum?
    Yes. Deleting a modifier from your POS will unlink the modifier from the item on Mr Yum, and make the item unavailable.
  8. If I change something on Mr Yum, will it change the items on my POS?
    No. The sync will only pull in information from your POS, it does not send through any changes made on Mr Yum to your POS. Any changes other than those customisable on Mr Yum should be made in your POS first.
  9. I've waited for ages, why aren't the changes showing on Mr Yum?
    Please contact us through our chat support, and we will run the sync manually for you which will force the changes to be brought in. The Tevalis sync runs on a 24 cycle. so changes will be brought in every 24 hours unless our team hits a sync on our end