Get familiar with your Mr Yum menu

Navigating the menu tab within Manage can be confusing! Read this short guide and learn how you can update menu items, change prices and more!

Firstly, log into your Manage account... 

How to log in to Manage

Here’s how to log into your Manage Mr Yum platform so you can create and update your menu, manage your orders and more.

1. Open a Safari or Chrome web browser on a computer, phone or tablet.

NOTE: Manage Mr Yum will not work on Internet Explorer as Internet Explorer is from the olden days. 👵🏼
  1. Go to:  (AU & USA), or for our UK friends 
  2. Click Login.
  3. Your user name will be your mobile phone number.
  4. Then type in your password provided by Mr Yum, or click Forgot Password? to reset it. 
  5. Click Login.


Click the "Your Menu" tab

You will be presented with multiple sub categories: 

  • Menu Items
  • Modifiers
  • Upsells
  • Price Override Specials
  • Daily Specials

Menu Items: Within this section you will first land on a view of menu's categories, along with their ordering types. From this page you can edit each categories details, the menu position, update the opening hours block & more.  

Modifiers: Use modifiers to present options for your customers to remove, add or change a menu item. For example, you may need to create a milk modifier on your coffee category, allowing customers to choose whether they want low-fat / soy etc. To learn more about modifiers, click here.

Upsells: This is where you can create / edit upsell groups that are linked to menu items. Upsells prompt customers to add more menu items to their order. Such as the “Grab a drink 🍷” upsell group shown here on all food items. Learn more about upsells, here.

Price Override Specials: You will use this category when you want to change the price of a product at a specific time. For example, a happy hour.  If you want an item to appear on the menu other than on certain days, use Daily specials. Get more info on these two tabs, here.

Daily Specials:

Become a menu pro & dive into these helpful articles! 

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