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Create discount codes for a % or $ off the whole cart with a minimum spend

Create a discount code that can only be used when the customer spends above a minimum amount

This discount is for offering a % of $ discount off your entire Mr Yum menu if the customer spends $X amount For Example… - Spend $100 & save $10 - 20% off your order with a minimum spend of $50

This article relates to creating vouchers within the Reward platform. If you are looking to create discount codes within your Manage account, click here and follow the guides on the page.

How To:

Step 1: Log In to ‘Reward’

  1. Log in to the Mr Yum ‘Reward’ Tool

  2. On the left-hand side, select the Project (venue) you want to create the vouchers for

Step 2: Create the Campaign

  1. Select Campaign, on the left-hand side of the page

  2. Click on the + button in the top right-hand corner to create the campaign

  3. Click on —> Create under Discount Coupons

  4. Choose between Bulk Codes or Standalone Code 
    What's the difference? 🤔
    • Bulk: Multiple unique codes E.g. You want to make 100 unique discount codes, such as 10% off all Drinks, and be able to track who has redeemed these
    • Standalone: 1 custom code E.g. You want one code anyone can use to get 10% off all drinks
  5. - If doing bulk codes

      1. Program name: What will you call the campaign (E.g. 10% discount on drinks)
      2. Auto update: Keep the checkbox ticked
      3. Customers will be allowed to join the campaign only once: Keep toggled off
      4. Category: Leave blank
      5. Description: Can you use this field to describe the discount, eg. 10% off Food
      6. Code redemption limit:
        1. Add in the number of redemptions allowed if you want to limit it.
        2. Tick the Unlimited check box if you don’t want to limit redemptions
      7. Code count: Set the number of codes you’d like to generate.
      8. Advanced code settings:
        1. Tick the checkbox if you want to customize how the code looks.
          1. Charset: If doing bulk codes we’d recommend keeping this set to Alphanumeric. The code will combine letters and numbers making it more complex

          2. Code length: Enter the number of characters you want the code to contain.

            😘 Keep it short & sweet so it's easy for the customer to add in. 3 characters = 45K+ unique options.

          3. Prefix: Do you want your code to start with a particular letter? Leave blank if no preference ie. ABC####

          4. Postfix: Do you want your code to end with a particular letter? Leave blank if no preference ie. ####ABC

        2. Leave unticked if you don’t need custom code and are happy for them to autogenerate

        If doing a standalone code
        1. Additional Information: Can use this field to describe the discount (e.g. 10% off Food)

        2. Category: Leave blank

        3. Code redemption limit:

          • If there is no limit, keep ‘Unlimited’ ticked
          • If there is a limit (e.g. 100), untick ‘Unlimited’ and add in the number of redemptions
        4. Custom code: Add in your desired code (e.g. FOOD10)

          😘 Keep it short & sweet so it's easy for the customer to add in.

        5. Advanced code settings: can be left unticked for standalone codes

  6. Click Next Step on the right-hand side
  7. Timeframe:
    1. If the codes are available anytime with no timeframe restrictions, click Next Step and leave this section blank
    2. If there is a relevant date range, add in the start & expiration date and then click Next Step on the right-hand side
  8. Depends on the type of discount…
    1. Dollar Value Discount: Select $ Amount Type
    b. Percentage Value Discount: Select % Percentage Type

  9. Apply Discount To: Whole cart

  10. Value (%) or Discount Value: Enter accordingly, e.g. if you were doing a 10% discount =
  11. For a % discount, you can set an Amount Limit which limits the total discount applied For example, if you want to offer a 10% discount where the customer can get a maximum $10 off their whole order, you would enter 10 here.
  12. Scroll down to Validation Rules and click New Validation Rule (You can keep it as basic)
  13. Select Order

  14. Enter the minimum spend into Value
  15. Click on Add, it should look like this 👇🏼

  16. Scroll back up and select Next Step, under Discount Value

  17. Metadata (optional): Leave blank
    1. Click on Next Step

  18. Summary: Double-check everything looks correct and press Save

Step 3: Test the code

Now, it's important to go test your code on your customer-facing Mr Yum menu to ensure it has been set up correctly.

Try the code with & without hitting the minimum spend.