Getting Set Up

How to log in to Manage Mr Yum

Here’s how to log into your Manage Mr Yum platform so you can create and update your menu, manage your orders and more.

Updated 10 months ago by Dita

Setting your venue details

Use this step-by-step guide to get started by adding your venue information, branding and logo image, delivery/pickup options, bank details, opening hours, marketing opt-in message, guest register and more.

Updated 10 months ago

Creating/editing your opening hours

Input or edit your menu’s opening hours. Your menu will automatically disable ordering outside your specified hours.

Updated 10 months ago

Adding/editing your bank details

Here’s how to set up your bank details to make sure you get paid. 💰

Updated 10 months ago

Update your logo, landing page image and social sharing image

Add your logo and banner image to your menu to showcase your brand.

Updated 7 months ago

Adding a guest register (for COVID19 compliance)

Activate this simple guest register feature on your menu to comply with COVID19 regulations.

Updated 10 months ago

Creating surcharges for weekends & public holidays

Surcharges for weekends and public holidays can be applied to specific days/hours and can be automatically added to the checkout total.

Updated 10 months ago

Pick-up & delivery settings

Learn how to activate delivery settings for your menu. You can add a minimum order value, delivery fee, and minimum order value for free delivery.

Updated 10 months ago

Adding SMS notification to yourself or team mobile for pickup or delivery orders

Receive an SMS every time a pickup or delivery order is received to avoid not seeing or hearing an order come through on the tablet.

Updated 10 months ago


View and export each of your payment summaries. 💰

Updated 8 months ago

How to create specials (such as happy hours and daily specials)

Creating happy hours or daily specials that only appear on certain days.

Updated 5 months ago

Activating ordering on your visual menu (if you've never had ordering activated)

If you already have a visual menu without ordering, here’s how to activate ordering so your customers can order and pay through your menu.

Updated 10 months ago

Add a booking link on your menu

This article explains how to add a booking link on your menu.

Updated 10 months ago by Dita

Activating tipping options

This will allow your customers to leave a tip when they order from your menu.

Emma Altidis
Updated 6 months ago by Emma Altidis

$1,200 Victorian Government Rebate

What is the government’s Small Business Adaptation Program? A $20m investment in the sector designed to increase Victorian small business’ digital capability by encouraging them to trial new software…

Updated 8 months ago by Kerry

QR Code Table Signage

QR Code Table Signage & Venue Signage. Click on the link below to see the Mr Yum collateral guide for venue signage Mr Yum Collateral guide.pdf

Updated 9 months ago by Kerry

How to do test orders without paying

If you don't want to actually pay and then refund yourself, you can create a 100% discount code that when entered at the checkout will make the order free. It's a good idea to delete this code after…

Updated 8 months ago by Kerry

How to program your NFC chips

How to program your NFC stickers using an iPhone. This is so that customers with a phone that supports NFC can simply tap your Mr Yum signage to launch your Mr Yum menu, instead of scanning the QR co…

Updated 1 month ago by Kerry