Marketing Tools

How to boost sales on menu items

Utilise upsells, capture customer emails, help customers find your menu on Google, social media marketing, promo codes and more...

Updated 1 year ago

Add your Google Tag Manager to Mr Yum

Add Google Tag Manager to Mr Yum. What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the “no-coding-required” solution for your website that allows you to track more data without adding any HTML…

Updated 2 months ago by Luca

How to drive sales on your most profitable items

Add a popular tag to your most profitable menu items to highlight them on your menu and drive more sales.

Updated 10 months ago

Add your Facebook Pixel

Add your Facebook pixel to track all visitors to your Mr Yum menu, so you can later target them with ads on Facebook and measure your cost per conversion.

Updated 5 months ago by Kerry

Capturing customer emails for marketing

Add a marketing opt-in message to capture your customer emails. Learn to create opt-in messages and find where your customer information is stored.

Updated 6 months ago

How to create a discount code

Create a promo code that applies a percentage discount off the cart total. Codes can be valid for specific days and times, or create a venue wide discount that doesn’t need a code entered.

Updated 10 months ago