Orders & Refunds

How to view customers’ invoice for their orders

View a copy of the invoice received by your customer or re-share the URL with them.

Updated 10 months ago

How to view order history / how to find previous orders

View your entire order history and find previous orders. Search by name, mobile number and view order details.

Updated 10 months ago

How to process a refund

You can easily process your own customer refunds within Mr Yum if it’s within 3 days before the money has already been paid out to you.

Updated 3 months ago


Watch our help video to learn more about Mr Yum Reporting functions. You can view and export your order history data.

Updated 3 months ago by Kerry

How to manage your orders in the Live Orders page

How to manage Dine-in orders:. Go to Orders > Live Orders. Click the Live Orders tab. New orders will automatically appear as cards with the appropriate sound and colour. If you are: POS integrated -…

Updated 3 months ago by Dita

How to manage your wait times

If your venue is experiencing extended wait times due to a large number of orders, you can inform your customers to manage their expectations that food or drinks are taking longer than usual. When th…

Updated 10 months ago by Dita