Pickup & Delivery

Use DoorDash Drivers for your deliveries - for half the price of delivery apps!

Mr Yum has partnered with DoorDash Drive! You can now use the DoorDash driver network, seamlessly integrated with Mr Yum, to facilitate your deliveries far cheaper than the delivery apps in almost al…

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DoorDash Drive Support, Phone Number & FAQs

Click here to read the: DoorDash Store Operator Training Materials, Support & FAQ Call DoorDash Support on 1800 958 316

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Order-ahead Windows

Manage your pickup and delivery volume with Mr Yum order-ahead windows offering a maximum number of orders per window (or you can make it unlimited).

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Activating pickup and/or delivery to your dine-in ordering menu

Activate pickup and/or delivery ordering on your menu with a few easy steps.

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