Activating ordering on your visual menu (if you've never had ordering activated)

If you already have a visual menu without ordering, here’s how to activate ordering so your customers can order and pay through your menu.

Venue Details menu

Add your Venue Details

It's important you complete all the fields listed here.

  1. Go to Venue Details, this will automatically take you to the Venue Details > Venue Info.
    1. Name: Venue Name.
    2. Slug: This is the bit at the end of the URL which is unique to the venue. NOTE if you change this - we will need to reprogram your QR code and redesign your collateral. Let us know ASAP.
    3. Time Zone: Time zone of the venue.
    4. Street Address: This is connected to Google, so in most cases, you can just type the venue name in and the address will come up. If not, just manually type in the address. 
    5. Support Phone: this number will be shown to customers in their tax invoice so they can reach you for any queries they have on their order. Feel free to leave a mobile number or landline.
    6. Support Email: Please note this email will be used so our team or customers can reach you for any queries.
    7. Venue Types: If google found the venue, this will automatically pull the data from Google, otherwise, select the correct data. 
    8. Cuisines: The type of cuisine(s) that your venue serves.
    9. Currency: Select the correct currency.
    10. Tax Rate: Enter the correct tax rate.
    11. Ordering Type: Select accordingly, whether you are doing takeaway, delivery or pickup.
    12. Post-purchase survey: Enter a survey link to be sent to your customers after purchase. This will help you assess your customer's satisfaction.
  2. Click Save.

Adding your logo and brand image to your menu homepage

  1. Go to Venue Details > Home Page & Branding.
  2. Upload a banner image -  this will only show on desktop when people first land on your menu
  3. Upload a logo png file - this will show on mobile and desktop. If you only have a .jpg file, just change the file name to have .png at the end instead of .jpg
  4. Click Save.

Creating/editing your opening hours

Your menu will automatically enable and disable ordering in accordance with your specified opening hours. Item Categorie will be linked to the appropriate Time block. For example, you may have a Food category linked to a Kitchen Hours Timeblock and a Drink Menu linked to a Bar Hours Time block.

  1. Go to Venue Details > Opening Hours.
  2. Click Add time block.
  3. Enter the time block name (e.g. "Bar hours" OR “Kitchen hours”).
  4. Add the hours in accordingly.
  5. Click Set Hours for the time block that is open for the longest period.
  6. You now need to link your time blocks to the menu categories they apply to. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items tab on the main menu, and you can click on the clock button on the far right of the categories and assign the right time block.

Watch this video for a deeper explanation of exactly how our opening hours work. It’s important to know how they are used in our platform:

Orders menu

Dine-In - you can ignore this section if you will not be offering this service

  1. Go to Orders > Dine-In Settings.
  2. Enter your Customised table number text, you can keep it as "Table Number" or customise it.
  3. Select your Table Number Format.
  4. Enter your table number range.
    1. Enter your Minimum table number.
    2. Enter your Maximum table number.
  5. Enter your Customised table area text.
  6. Enter your available Table areas, this allows you to categorise your table areas.
  7. Click Save.

Pick-Up - you can ignore this section if you will not be offering this service

  1. Go to Orders > Pick-Up Settings.
  2. Enter your Customised pickup options text. For example, you can enter your available pick-up time.
  3. Enter your Pickup Options available. For example, you can enter "ASAP" or "Others".
  4. Enter your Drive by pickup info, this is useful if you are providing drive-by pickup option.
  5. Click Save.

Delivery - you can ignore this section if you will not be offering this service

  1. Go to Orders > Delivery Settings.
  2. Enter the Minimum delivery order value (in cents). This is the minimum customers must spend to be able to place an order for delivery. e.g. $50 = 500
  3. Enter Delivery Postcodes the venue is delivering to. Type each postcode, then press Create for each one.
  4. You can ignore Drive Yello Store Reference unless you want to integrate with Drive Yello. Contact us if you do.
  5. Enter Min order value for free delivery (in cents). Leave this as 0 if you do not wish to offer free delivery e.g. $50 = 5000
  6. Enter Delivery Fee. Leave as 0 if the venue does not wish to charge a delivery fee. e.g. $5 = 500
  7. Ignore Always charge delivery fee unless you want to do this (we don’t recommend this though).
  8. Enter Customised delivery options text. View this Google Doc to see the templates we use and recommend.

This is how it should look: 

/Users/kirstenberiman/Desktop/Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 11.38.29 am.png

Editing Notifications

If you are concerned about not having Mr Yum Live Orders page for pickup & delivery being manned all the time and don't want to miss orders, you can add an SMS notification to yourself or team member's mobile for pickup or delivery orders. This can be changed as often as you like.

  1. Go to Orders > SMS Notifications
  2. Enter “Mobile for order notifications” - only if you will be offering pickup or delivery
  3. Click Save.

This setting is for if you would like to get an SMS every time an order is received in case you don’t see or hear the tablet. You can turn it off by removing your phone number and clicking save.

Marketing menu

Capturing customer emails for marketing

This is so that customers can sign up to your email list and receive updates from you.

  1. Go to Marketing > Email Opt-in Message.
  2. Toggle on Display marketing opt-in option during checkout
  3. Enter the wording you would like (e.g. Enter your email to receive specials and updates from Venue)
  4. Click Update Settings.

Reports & Payouts menu

Editing your bank details

For security reasons, editing bank details is handled by our team. If at any time you need to edit your bank details, simply email with your new BSB and account number and we'll do it quickly for you. 👌🏽

Ensure your menu items are the right Item Type

These steps ensure your menu items are all the type of menu item that can be ordered.

If they were originally set to "Info" item types, they will look like the below with the little (i) icon: that means they are not clickable and need to be made into Menu Items before they can be ordered. 

If you see menu items with the little (i) icon on your Menu Items page, you will need to: 

  1. Click on the item.
  2. Change the item Type from “Info” to “Menu item without image” (you can still drag an image to it later if you want but best to choose this item type for now).
  3. You can then update the name, description, simple name and simple descriptions of those items and check how they now appear on your menu to the customer.

Now see more articles in the knowledge hub for how to manage your Mr Yum menu.

Email anytime for support.