How to link Mr Yum to Sprout/MyGuestlist

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Sprout (previously known as MyGuestlist), is a CRM platform that helps you to market to your customers. Mr Yum can integrate with Sprout and send customer and transaction data for customers that have opted in to receive marketing material from you. Sprout is linked on the Organization level, so contacts will be sent for any venues in your organization. They will be tagged with the venue so you will know which venue they have visited.

  1. Login to your Sprout account.
  2. Select Apps from the top bar
  3. Select Create App from the left menu bar
  4. Enter Mr Yum under Application Name
  5. Scroll down to Application Permissions and tick Contacts. This will also select all checkboxes under Contacts.
  6. Select Install App
  7. Select the down arrow next to View and select Generate Token
  8. Accept the agreement and then select Generate Token
  9. Copy the token and save it somewhere safe.
  10. Email this token along with your Venue organization to

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