Pick-up & delivery settings

Learn how to activate delivery settings for your menu. You can add a minimum order value, delivery fee, and minimum order value for free delivery.

If you are offering delivery for your menu items, these are the steps that you should follow to correctly set up delivery. 

  1. Go to Orders > Delivery Settings.
    1. Minimum for delivery: This is the minimum amount that customers have to spend to be able to place an order for delivery. For example, if you don't want to offer delivery for orders under $30 you would write 3000 (add extra "00" as the value needs to be written in cents) 
    2. Minimum for free delivery:  This is the minimum amount customers have to spend to qualify for FREE delivery eg. $50 you would write 5000 (add extra "00" as the value needs to be written in cents) 
    3. Delivery fee: This is what you will charge customers for delivery. This is a set amount and currently cannot be changed based on distance. Most of our venues charge about $5 AUD. For $5 you would enter 500.
      1. For example, customers must spend $30 to be eligible for delivery and if they spend >$50 they qualify for free delivery. For all orders <$50, they must pay $5 for delivery.
  2. Enter the postcode and click Create for each of the postcodes you offer delivery for.
  1. Enter Min order value for free delivery (in cents). Leave this as 0 if you do not wish to offer free delivery e.g. $50 = 5000
  2. Enter Delivery Fee - Leave as 0 if you do not wish to charge a delivery fee. e.g. $5 = 500
  3. Ignore Always charge delivery fee unless you want to do this (we don’t recommend this though)
  4. Enter Customised delivery options text. View this Google Doc to see the templates we use and recommend.
    Recommended example: 
    /Users/kirstenberiman/Desktop/Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 11.38.29 am.png
  5. Click Save at the very bottom otherwise everything will be lost! 💔