Activating tipping options

This will allow your customers to leave a tip when they order from your menu.

If you want to add a tipping/gratuity section to your menu at the checkout, follow the steps below:1

  1. Go to Orders > Tipping.
  2. Toggle on Is tipping enabled?
  3. Can tipping be skipped? is turned on by default. We don't recommend turning this off and if you do, you should check that there are no legal issues with this in your region.
  4. Is custom tip enabled? allows guests to enter their own tipping amount. If you don't want guests to be able to do this, you can turn this off.
  5. Custom tipping text will allow you to edit the text that the guest sees when they are tipping.
  6. Tip options (%) allows you to select the % tips you want to show and also add your own custom tipping %.
  7. Preselected tip rate (%) allows you to preselect a tipping % for a guest. If you don't want to do this and other is already one set, you can use the X icon to the right of the input field.
  8. Some POS required a POS ID for tips. If this is needed, please enter this here.
  9. Click Save.

Custom tipping