Square - What to do when you see red orders on the Live Orders page or orders are not printing

What is a red order?

For orders to get from Mr Yum into your POS, a few things have to go right. If for some reason, something doesn't go right in this process, the order will appear in Mr Yum as red. If you have SMS notifications turned on, you will also receive an SMS to let you know that you have a red order.

Reminder that ALL orders placed by customers through mr yum, are PAID and the customer IS expecting their order, regardless of whether it went into your POS smoothly or if it was a red order.

By the order appearing in red, it lets you know that something went wrong with it getting to the POS so you have to manually intervene to ensure the customer gets their order as expected and doesn't have a bad experience.

For this reason, you should always be logged into Mr Yum's Live Orders page on a device that is preferably next to or nearby your POS. We also recommend turning on SMS notifications for red orders as well.

What do when I get a red order?

When an order appears in red, the customer is not affected at all. They have placed the order and been charged as normal. They have no idea that there is anything wrong with their order. They don't need to know that.

It's just an issue on your end because your POS system did not receive the order so it didn't print the ticket.

It shouldn't happen often, but if it does:

  1. The first thing to do is manually enter the order into your POS system right away so that the tickets print for the kitchen or bar.
  2. Then you can troubleshoot why the order failed to make it to the POS and print.

Why are orders failing to get to the POS and how do I troubleshoot the issue?

1. Your internet connection has dropped out and the order couldn’t get through to your POS

Check your internet connection is working. If you know your internet connection cut out and it’s back on again and orders are now coming through in green - that was probably the issue. If it’s not due to an internet connection issue - proceed to do the below steps to troubleshoot.

2. Your Square POS was turned off or the ipad has gone to sleep

If your POS is off or the ipad has gone to sleep, the orders from Mr Yum can not reach your POS. Simply turn it back on and the future orders should work.

    What to do when orders are not appearing in red but they are just not printing!

    1. If the orders are showing in green in the Mr Yum live orders page, and showing as normal in your Square POS orders page, this means the order was accepted by your POS, but it didn’t print. This is usually a printer issue and is something you can fix by tweaking your printer settings and turning on automatic printing. You can contact Square POS if you need help with this.

    If that doesn't fix it, be sure to follow the steps below also:

    1. Check the printer is turned on.
    2. Check the printer has paper in it.
    3. Check the printer door is properly closed.
    4. Check the printer is connected however it usually is.
    5. Check if automatic printing is set up in Square.
    6. Check if the menu item is assigned to a category on Square and the radio button needs to be toggled on within the printer station settings.