Connect Mr Yum to your email marketing (CRM) platform

Helping you build deeper connections with audiences is our bread and butter. Learn more about Connect, our CRM platform along with other marketing integrations.

Did you know that Mr Yum has its own CRM platform built for the hospitality industry? Learn more about Connect, here.

CRM Integrations

To make it even easier to manage your customer data, Mr Yum seamlessly integrates with a number of key Marketing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms. 

What this means is that all ‘opted-in’ customer data instantly feeds into your CRM account, making it even easier to connect with your customers and build loyalty through email and SMS campaigns. No need to download and upload your customer data once your CRM is connected to your Mr Yum account. See below for our current integration partners. 

Connect (previously Sprout)

Connect is Mr Yum's CRM platform, helping you build deeper connections with your audience, offering services purpose-built for hospitality that understands your unique needs. Why Mr Yum CRM?

Built for hospitality: Tried, tested and proven by over 1000+ hospo businesses using  features like
transaction data + vouchers.

Pre-built automations: We have automatic journeys like welcoming  customers, birthdays and more to fast track your success. 

24/7 support: Our support team is here to help set you up for success from the beginning. 

Single customer view: All your data from POS, mobile ordering,Wifi and more in one place so you know more about your customers. 

Ready to learn about Connect? Click here. 


Talkbox by Impact Data 

Once integrated, Mr Yum feeds all ‘opt-in’ customer and transaction data to your Talkbox account. If you're already a Talkbox customer,  reach out to with your contact and venue details to get connected.


When integrated with your Mr Yum account, your Mailchimp account will automatically receive all 'opt-in' customer data, alongside their last order date. Unlike Connect and Talkbox, Mailchimp connections will not receive transactional data. To get connected, we require access to your account in order to authenticate the integration. Visit this help doc for more details.

Yet to set up a Marketing CRM?

Building connections will get your business sizzling. Email and learn more about Mr Yum Connect.

Connected to a different CRM? 

We’re always on the lookout for new CRM partners to integrate with Mr Yum. If you’re a member of a different platform, let us know by emailing along with your venue details. We will keep you updated with any new CRM developments.