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CRM Integrations

To make it even easier to manage your customer data, Mr Yum seamlessly integrates with a number of key Marketing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms. Mailchimp, Sprout and Talkbox are some of those CRMs you may have heard of.

What this means is that all ‘opted-in’ customer data instantly feeds into your CRM account, making it even easier to connect with your customers and build loyalty through email and SMS campaigns. No need to download and upload your customer data once your CRM is connected to your Mr Yum account. See below for our current integration partners. 

Already have a Marketing CRM? Keep reading:

Sprout (MyGuestlist)

Mr Yum seamlessly integrates with Sprout (previously known as MyGuestlist). Sprout is linked on the organization level, meaning contacts will be sent from all venues linked to your organization and tagged with the relevant location they visited. Connecting Mr Yum to your Sprout profile is easy, all you need to do is follow these steps to generate your ‘Spout Token’ and add us to your account. We’ll help with the rest.

Talkbox by Impact Data 

Using email and SMS, Talkbox helps you build customer loyalty through relevant and personalised automated communications. Once integrated, Mr Yum feeds all ‘opt-in’ customer and transaction data to your Talkbox account. Want to send a welcome message when someone joins your subscription list? Or perhaps, you want to notify your regulars of weekly specials? Utilise your customer data to communicate these messages, drive repeat visitation and build a relationship your loyal locals. Email your Talkbox username and password to along with your venue details. 


Mailchimp is a scalable all-in-one marketing platform. When integrated with your Mr Yum account, it will automatically receive all 'opt-in' customer data, alongside their last order date. Unlike Talkbox and Sprout, Mailchimp connections will not receive your transactional data. To get connected, we require access to your account in order to authenticate the integration. Visit this help doc for more details.

Yet to set up a Marketing CRM?

It’s important to note that each CRM platform offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for more information on our current partners, please reach out through the means below: 

Sprout: Visit their website to learn more about the products functionality.

Ready to get connected? Reach out using the details below and note that you are a Mr Yum customer. 

AU: Mark Sudweeks

UK: Dhilon Solanki 

Impact Data: Visit their website to learn more - if you’re ready to get connected or would like further details, email the below:

Contact: & note that you are a Mr Yum customer

Mailchimp is a global company, with all relevant product and user information available on their website. 

Connected to a different CRM? 

We’re always on the lookout for new CRM partners to integrate with Mr Yum. If you’re a member of a different platform, let us know by emailing along with your venue details. We will keep you updated with any new CRM developments.  

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How to connect Mailchimp to your Mr Yum account