Setting up conditional modifiers

Conditional modifiers allow you to set modifiers specifically for nested items.

Example 1

You want to charge different prices for toppings, depending on what size pizza a customer chooses.

Example 2

You want to ask a customer how many wine glasses they would like, but only if they select a bottle. The instructions below will walk you through this example.

  1. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
  2. Find the nested item you want to edit and click on the menu item text to open it.
  3. Click View item modifiers and upsells.
  4. Click Add new modifier group.
  5. Choose a Name for your modifier group.
  6. For Select Type choose single.
  7. Under Ordering Type remove pickup and delivery.
  8. Under Is a selection required choose optional.
  9. Select Create.


You can now add modifiers to the modifier group.