How to do test orders without paying

If you don't want to actually pay and then refund yourself, you can create a 100% discount code that when entered at the checkout will make the order free.

It's a good idea to delete this code after you finish testing or change it regularly to avoid it falling into the wrong hands and people ordering without paying and you not realising.
  1. Go to Venue Details Discounts/Surcharges.
  2. Click Add Discount/Surcharge.
    1. Type: Discount
    2. Name: this is what will show up to the customer when they see the discount. For example, “100% off testing"
    3. Discount code: It must be in capital letters and no spaces. For example, RANDOMWORD (do not use the word TEST as people often try that and can get free meals from you)
    4. Percent discount: this is where you enter the percentage off you want. For example, for a 100% discount, you would enter 100.
    5. Description: enter a description of what the code is e.g. “100% off testing discount”. This description is for you and your team to know what the discount is for. 
    6. Click Save
  3. If you want the discount to only be effective for a specific date (for example, from November 09 to 14, 2022 only)
    1. Select Edit on the right corner of the discount code
    2. Select Add time slot 
    3. Choose the Start and End Dates
    4. Click Save
  4. If you want the discount to only work for specific days of the week or times (for example when you're going to be there):
    1. Click the clock button
    2. Add the time slots of your discount. For example, on Wednesday 4pm-6pm and name it the same as the discount/surcharge name. 
    3. If you want specific days, for example, Wednesday and Thursday enter in 12:00am-11:59pm for those days so that its only valid for those specific days.  
    4. Click Submit

DO NOT click Set as Venue Wide Button. Otherwise, it will make it free for everyone without having to enter the code.


If your venue/organisation is integrated with Reward tool (formerly: Boomerang). The 100% discount code or voucher must be created in Reward.

How To:

Step 1: Log In to ‘Reward’

  1. Log in to the Mr Yum ‘Reward’ Tool
  2. On the left-hand side, select the Project (venue) you want to create the vouchers for

Step 2: Create the Campaign

  1. Select Campaign, on the left-hand side of the page
  2. Click on the + button in the top right-hand corner to create the campaign
  3. Click on —> Create under Discount Coupons
  4. Choose Standalone Code (This is a one custom code for the 100% testing code)
    1. Additional Information: Can use this field to describe the discount (e.g. 100% Testing Code)

    2. Category: Leave blank

    3. Code redemption limit:

      • If there is no limit, keep ‘Unlimited’ ticked
    1. Custom code: Add in your desired code (e.g. RANDOMWORD)

    2. Advanced code settings: can be left unticked for standalone codes

5.    Click Next Step on the right-hand side
6.    If the codes are available anytime with no timeframe restrictions, click Next Step and leave this section blank

7. Select % Percentage Type

8. Apply Discount to: Whole cart

9. Value (%) or Discount Value: Enter accordingly, e.g. if you were doing a 100%

10. Scroll back up and select Next Step, under Discount Value

11. Metadata (optional): Leave blank

  • Click on Next Step

12. Summary: Double-check everything looks correct and press Save

Step 3: Test the code

Now, it's important to go test your code on your customer-facing Mr Yum menu to ensure it has been set up correctly.