How to do test orders without paying

If you don't want to actually pay and then refund yourself, you can create a 100% discount code that when entered at the checkout will make the order free.

It's a good idea to delete this code after you finish testing or change it regularly to avoid it falling into the wrong hands and people ordering without paying and you not realising.
  1. Go to Venue Details Discounts/Surcharges.
  2. Click Add Discount/Surcharge.
    1. Name: this is what will show up to the customer when they see the discount. For example, “100% off testing"
    2. Discount code: It must be in capital letters and no spaces. For example, RANDOMWORD (do not use the word TEST as people often try that and can get free meals from you)
    3. Percent surcharge/discount: this is where you enter the percentage off you want. For example, For a 100% discount, you would enter -100.
    4. Description: enter a description of what the code is e.g. “100% off testing discount”. This description is for you and your team to know what the discount is for. 
  3. If you want the discount to only work for specific days of the week or times (for example when you're going to be there):
    1. Click the clock button
    2. Add the time slots of your discount. For example, on Wednesday 4pm-6pm and name it the same as the discount/surcharge name. 
    3. If you want specific days, for example, Wednesday and Thursday enter in 12:00am-11:59pm for those days so that its only valid for those specific days.  
  4. Click Create 

DO NOT click Set as Venue Wide Button. Otherwise it will make it free for everyone without having to enter the code.