Customer tabs

How to start a tab

Here are instructions for how a customer can set up a tab. Orders that are on a tab in your live orders screen will have a 💰 on the order.

  1. Order food and beverages as usual.
  2. At the checkout screen, click Start A Tab


  1. Select Start A Tab
  2. You can then select your saved credit card details or enter other card details
  3. You will then be sent a text message confirming that you have started a tab as well as a link to manage your tab.
  4. Your card will be charged each time you place an order, but when you close your tab you will be sms'd a consolidated invoice for your tab.


How to add people to your tab

  1. Once you have started a tab, you will be taken to the following screen.


  1. From here, your friends can scan the QR code or you can select invite your friends to send them an invite link through your favourite messaging app or via SMS.
    1. This QR code is unique to your tab. It is different from the venue's QR code.
    2. Remember, anyone who scans this code or clicks on the link will be able to put orders on your tab, so only give it to people you trust.

How to view and manage your tab

  1. After you set up your tab, you will be sent a manage your tab link via SMS
    1. This can also be accessed by scanning the venue's QR code or entering the URL
    2. A link to manage your tab is also in the confirmation screen after you set up the tab (see above)
  2. When you select manage your tab, you will see the following screen


  1. From here you can see how much you have spent on your tab.
  2. You can also select Invite friends to see the tab invite QR code and invite your friends options again.
  3. You can also select Close Tab to close your tab
    1. All tabs will close automatically 3 hours after your last order.