How to process a refund

  1. Go to Orders > Orders & Refunds.
  2. Find the Order that you want to refund (you can search for the customer's name or phone number).
  3. Click View Order (located in the last column).
  4. Under where it says Items you can toggle the items and select the quantity of the items that you want to refund.
  5. Then click Refund.

Refunds take 3-5 business days to clear into the customer's account.

Refund Receipts

When you process a refund, it will also update the customer's invoice and show the refunded amount. You can see a copy of the customer's invoice by clicking in the top right corner of the order details page where you processed the refund, where it says Invoice in blue text.

You can tell the customer to recheck the invoice that they originally received when they placed the order by SMS from MRYUM and they'll see that they have been refunded. 

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