How to create combo specials/deals

Create combo specials/deals for your menu items such as Burger & Beer Combo.

You will first need to create each individual menu item then link them to your combo group.

We use "upsell groups" to create combos as the structure is the same. You first create the individual menu items that customers can choose as part of this combo and then you'll link them within upsell groups.

1. Create the combo as an item

For example, if you are creating a "$15 burger and beer" combo, create an item that will act as a shell to house the groups of items within the combo that customers can choose from. The display price should be $15 for this example but the price in cents must be 0 for this item.

2. Create the individual combo menu items 

For example, if you are creating a "$15 burger and beer" combo, you'll need to create a new menu item for each of the burger and beer items the customer can choose as part of the combo. Add "combo" to the end of the item names so you can easily tell which are the normal items and which are the combo items later.

The price of the burgers + the price of the beer together need to equal the price of the combo, in this case $15, so you would set up the burgers and beers to be included in this special as $7.5 each - price in cents 750.

If you're unsure how to create menu items, click here and scroll down to the "How to create menu items" section.

3. Group the items together in upsell groups

For example, "Choose your beer 🍺" and Choose your burger 🍔" for your combo.

  1. Go to Your Menu > Upsells.
  2. Click New Upsell Group.
    1. Name will appear above the wine options that customers need to choose from e.g. Choose a Drink. 
    2. Type: Select Single (so customers can only choose one). 
    3. Select Requirement: Select Required (so customers are required to choose one before proceeding).
    4. Toggle on Respect Cart Quantity.

Your Upsell Group Should look like this: 

  1. Click New Upsell Item.
  2. Search and select each drink that you want to add as an option.
  3. Copy the name of your item into the Upsell Item Name section or rename it to make it clearer.
  4. Position: enter 1, and then for the next item enter 2 and so on.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Repeat for all the menu items you want in this group (make sure for position section you keep going up by one each time).
  7. Click Link Menu Item. 
  8. Search and select the combo menu item that you have created e.g. Steak & Wine. 
  9. Add a position number e.g. 4 ( the higher the number the lower it will appear if you have multiple upsell groups).
  10. Click Create or press enter.

You can see all the upsells and modifiers linked to your combo: 

  1. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
  2. Click into your combo menu item.
  3. Click View item modifiers and upsells.

Watch a video walkthrough of these steps