Counter Pickup ordering type

Counter Pickup is used for orders that guests pick up at the bar, counter, or service window. When using Counter Pickup, you can also send 2 texts to the customers; one when food is ready and one when drinks are ready.

Setup Counter Pickup

  1. Select Venue Info
  2. Scroll down to Ordering Type and add Counter
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save
  2. Next you need to assign the ordering types to your menu categories
  3. Select Your Menu > Menu Items
  4. Select Edit next to the category you want to assign Counter pickup to.
  5. Scroll down to Ordering Type and add Counter
  1. Select Update


Managing Counter Pickup Orders

After a counter-pickup order has been made, it will appear on the live orders screen. It will stay here until you complete the order. Once the guest's order is ready, you can then SMS them from this screen. You can send 2 SMS if required; one for when the guest's drinks are ready and one for when food is ready (instructions on how to turn this on are below). After the guest has picked up their order you can then complete the order and the order will move from the live orders to completed orders.

Customising SMS Notifications

You might want to adjust the generic SMS notifications in case you want to direct your customers to a specific pickup location.

  1. Select Orders > SMS Notifications
  2. Scroll to the Counter Pick-Up section
  3. If you would like to enable 2 SMS for food and drinks, toggle it here.
  4. You can then adjust any of the default SMS to suit your venue.

Counter Pickup Settings

You can also choose to ask for table numbers in the settings section. Some venues will want to ask for table numbers because they will deliver food to the table, but drinks will be pickup at the counter. If you do this, make sure to update the SMS wording above.