Introduction to Mr Yum Manage

Manage is the platform that powers your online menu. Read this guide and become a pro at navigating the backend, from menu updates to analysing your reports!

How to log in to Manage

Manage Mr Yum will not work on Internet Explorer as Internet Explorer is from the olden days. 👵🏼
  1. Open a Safari or Chrome web browser on a computer, phone or tablet.
  2. Go to: (AU), (EU) or (US)
  3. Your user name will be your mobile phone number.
  4. Then type in your password provided by Mr Yum, or click Forgot Password? to reset it. 
  5. Click Sign In.

If you would like to change your password or have an account created for another staff, email with their name, email, mobile number and role in your business. 

Get familiar with Manage 

This is what it will look like when you log into your Manage account - it's important that you become familiar with each section. 

Your Menu: This is where your menu is built and managed. If you're looking to update a menu item, create a new special, update a photo, or change anything at all relating to your menu, head here!

  • Menu Items: This is where your menu items live. Visit this tab to change your categories, make menu updates, change prices & more!
  • Modifiers: Takes you to the page where you can build or create modifiers (no cheese, different milk options etc) 
  • Upsells: Where you can create an upsell menu - this helps you drive sales! "Would you like a drink with that?" 

Venue Details: This is an important tab to get familiar with from the get go. Within the Venue Details section you will find Venue Info (address, phone number, email addresses etc), Home Page & Branding (where you'll upload your logo, social images and write a pop-up message), Opening Hours & more! For more info on Venue Details, click here.

Orders: Head here if you're wanting to manage anything to do with your orders, whether that be controlling your Live Orders screen, updating your wait times,  changing your SMS messages & more! Want more info about managing Orders? Click here.

Looking to update your wait times? Click the Orders Tab > Wait times. Read more about this feature, here.

Marketing tools: Mr Yum arms you with data that'll help you create lifetime customers. Within the Marketing Tools tab, you'll find your marketing opt-in message (we automatically set this up with a generic prompt - update yours now!), your customer database (where your opted in customers are saved) and social media integrations (connect your menu to Facebook & Instagram). Learn more about each feature and how you can get started, here.

Reports & payouts: Within the reports & payouts section you can dive into your sales data, view item summary reports, advanced analytics, review your weekly payouts & more. Click here for all articles on the reports & payouts section. 

Batching & printers: This tab is the control centre for all your printing groups and will look different depending on whether you're an integrated or direct-to-printer venue. Click here for more information on POS integrations & printer set up. 


Now that you're familiar with the Manage set up, dive into the specifics of each feature. 

1. Creating & Managing your menu

2. Orders & Refunds

3. Marketing Tools

4. Reward: Discount codes & Loyalty

POS Integrations & Direct to Printer