POS and direct printing hybrid setup

Some venues use a combination of integrated POS printing and direct printing. There are a few reasons to do this.

  • Some venues don't use their POS printers, but still want sales to go into their POS. By enabling "Also print on direct printer", venues can send Mr Yum orders to print on the printers provided by Mr Yum.

  • Venues with pop up traders or food trucks can set up a Mr Yum printer to send orders to these vendors, without them needing a POS terminal.


If you'd like to use this hybrid method, you first need to set up your direct printer as well as ensure your POS has been integrated into Mr Yum. Once that has been completed, go to Venue Details > Integration Setup and toggle on "Also print on direct printer".

There are a few things to consider when utilising this method:

  • Every item must have a POS ID and a Printer Group
  • Printing must be turned off on the POS otherwise orders will be printed twice (once through the POS printer and once through Mr Yum)
  • Ensure every Printer Group is assigned to a printer

If you have any issues while setting this up, feel free to reach out to hospo@mryum.com and we can assist you.