How the Mr Yum & Wizbang integration works

How is my Wizbang POS connected to my Mr Yum menu?

Every menu item and modifier in your Wizbang POS have a unique code. These codes are entered into Mr Yum so that when a customer orders on Mr Yum, your POS can receive the order and knows what it is.

Our team will need your help matching up your product codes with the menu items in Mr Yum. Here is How to find your product codes in Wizbang.

Mr Yum will reach out to the Wizbang support team so they can generate a unique IP address for us to add to Mr Yum. Once this is done, your POS can receive orders from Mr Yum.

Once your Mr Yum menu is set up and integrated with your Wizbang account, our team does testing with you to demonstrate how things work and make sure all the orders are going through to your POS and printing dockets as normal.

This testing process may mean you have extra orders in your till that should not be accounted for in your end-of-day reporting but you can simply refund/ void or cash off all the test orders in Wizbang.

Do orders go into my POS straight after the customer pays?

Dine-in orders will go into your POS straight after the customer pays on Mr Yum. There is usually about a 30-second delay until they appear.

If you are doing takeaway and using our ordering windows feature, you have the option to allow the orders to go into your POS and print straight away or closer to the chosen ordering window for pre-orders.

For example, if a customer is placing an order on Monday for Friday, you can choose for the order to go through to your POS and print either on Monday or on Friday for a chosen amount of time prior. Here is how to activate Order-ahead Windows.

Where do I access reports?

You can access reports in Wizbang as these reports will include Mr Yum orders too. If you would like to just access Mr Yum order reports, go to Reports in Manage Mr Yum. Here is how to access reporting in Mr Yum.

Where do I process refunds?

When a customer is after a refund you will need to process this refund in your POS AND in Mr Yum. The customer pays in Mr Yum, so refunding in Mr Yum is how they will get their money back. However, it's important to do the refund in your POS also so that the reports all match up in Wizbang. Here is how to process a refund in Mr Yum.

If I change something in Wizbang - does it automatically update in Mr Yum?

No, this is yet not the case. If you make a menu update in Mr Yum, you will need to do the same in Wizbang and vice versa. The best process for this is to add new items to Wizbang first and then, download the codes, and then go into Mr Yum to add in the relevant new items/product codes.