How to add multiple sizes/upgrades for menu items and drinks

Learn how to add multiple sizes or upgrades to your menu items.

When you’re creating different sizes for drinks or food menu items, you need to create separate menu items and then nest the larger sizes within the smallest size of the item. Your customers will only see one menu item – the smallest size item – and can select desired size once they click the item. 

In Manage Mr Yum it will look like this:

This is what it will look like on your menu:

1. Make menu items for each size item

  1. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
  2. Make your menu items for each size.
  3. The smallest menu item will be the one that is visible to your customers. Therefore do not include the size in the name of your menu item for the smallest size, only for the larger sizes.
  4. For the other sizes, click on the menu item and toggle on Nested Item. This means that this menu item is still on the menu but it's been nested or tucked behind the other menu items that aren't hidden from the menu. 
  5. Click Update.

Tip: You don't need to add a photo for the larger sizes as they will be within the smallest size menu item and share the same photo.

2. Create the upgrade group for each item

  1. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
  2. Find the menu item you want to edit and click on the menu item text to open it.
  3. Click View item modifiers and upsells.
  4. Click Add an Upgrade Group
  5. Click New Upgrade Group.
    1. Name: you can name it “Size?” or something else.
    2. Select Requirement: Select Required. This means that customers must choose one.
    3. Ordering Type: This serves as a filter of which ordering type you want it to appear. If you want it to appear in all ordering types, you can leave this blank.

3. Attach each item size to its upgrade group

  1. Select Add upgrade and search for the upgrade item.
  2. Name the upgrade under Upgrade Name
  3. Show Full Price: toggle on to show the full price of the menu item. If you don’t select this it will show you the difference in price between the smallest size and that size.


In the above example, the Large Glass (250ml) has not selected the price and shows it will be $3 extra to the original price, whereas the bottle is showing the full price of $36.

We recommend that if there is a large disparity in the price you toggle on show full price, however, if it’s only a small difference then don't toggle on show full price.
  1. Position section: This is the position of the upgrade item in the list. For example, if you enter number 1 then it will be the first item on the list, 2 then it will be the second item on the list, etc. It is best to order them from smallest to largest in size. 
  2. Add the rest of the menu items.