UK Hyperwallet Verification Guide

Is it time for your first payout? Great! We need one final step to release payouts to your bank details provided to us during onboarding.

The UK & EU Authorities require our payment processor (Hyperwallet) to verify your business in order to release your first and all subsequent payouts. This process only needs to be completed once per venue.

You will receive an email to your nominated email address from Hyperwallet on behalf of Mr Yum. Hyperwallet's guidance on the verification process can be found here. A video on the process is located here.

In summary - the verification process is relatively simple!

  1. Confirm your identity
  2. If this is completed correctly and aligns with publicly available information, Hyperwallet will automatically verify you and the process is complete.
    Should the initial identification fail, please refer to the detailed verification guide for further assistance.As always, if you have any further questions, please contact our Support team!