Creating surcharges for weekends & public holidays

You may want to add a percentage surcharge for specific days or special events such as weekends and public holidays.

The surcharge will be automatically applied at the checkout to all customers that order between the set times/days you have set up.

  1. Go to Venue Details Discounts/Surcharges.
  2. Click Add Discount/Surcharge 
    1. Name: This is what will show up to the customer when they see the surcharge, so an example of what to write is “10% public holiday surcharge"
    2. Discount code: Even though the customer won't need to enter a code and in this case, it's actually a surcharge, not a discount. Just enter one in for now as the system requires this field. It must be in capital letters and no spaces e.g. PUBLICHOLIDAY 
    3. Percent surcharge/discount: This is where you enter the percentage increase you want on their order. For example, For a 10% increase on weekends, you would enter 10.
    4. Description: Write a description of what the code is e.g. “10% surcharge on public holidays.” This description is for you and your team to know what the surcharge is for. 
  3. If you want to the surcharge valid for a specific time period: 
    1. Click New Time Slot 
    2. Enter start and end dates  
    3. Click Save
  4. If you want the surcharge to only work for specific days of the week or times:
    1. Click the clock button
    2. Add the time slots of your surcharge. For example, on Wednesday 4pm-6pm and name it the same as the discount/surcharge name. 
    3. If you want specific days, for example, Wednesday and Thursday enter 12:00am-11:59pm for those days so that it's only valid for those specific days.  
  5. Click Create 
  6. Click the Set as Venue Wide Button - this will make the surcharge applies for all customers that order between the set times.