Tracking Mr Yum customer purchases in Facebook and Instagram to measure ads and build audiences.

Tracking Mr Yum customer purchases on Facebook and Instagram to measure ads and build audiences

Mr Yum has always provided you with a tool to connect your menu URL with Facebook Business Manager, allowing you to build custom audiences and report on the campaigns return-on-investment. We have built a tool that allows us to send data to your Facebook Business Manager, not through the browser (Facebook Pixel) but through the server (Facebook CAPI).

What’s the Facebook Conversion API?

Conversion API (CAPI), is a new improved version of what Facebook previously called Server Side API (SSAPI). CAPI will improve the tracking of data sent between Facebook and so that you’ll still be able to get insights and learning from your campaigns despite the increased security measures.

“The better your data, the better your ROI”

When someone purchases something on Mr Yum, you want it recorded on Facebook Business Manager as a conversion. This will allow you to track the sale and ultimately attribute it to any paid social media campaigns you have running. With CAPI, you can now do this.

How does Conversion API work?

Conventionally, website events are sent using the Facebook Pixel and through a web browser (Google Chrome, Safari etc.). However, browsers are dampening a websites’ ability to share data. We expect the world’s popular browsers to materially or completely limit the advocacy of third-party cookies by 2022.

Conversion API helps you get ahead of these changes by allowing you to send web events and share consumer data directly from their server provided that you have rights and permissions to do so.



Benefits of Conversion API

Reliable Data Sharing

Data sharing through conversion API will be more reliable than browser-based mapping as conversion API is designed to be less susceptible to a browser crash or connectivity issue.

Better tracking

Conversion API will allow you to track every conversion and attribute it to the campaign you are running. This will allow you to see and measure your ROAS.


What data are we sending to your Facebook Business Manager?

There are 3 parameters passed on to your Facebook Ads Account:

  1. Value → this is the purchase value e.g. $33.50
  2. Currency → Based on the country, AUD or USD etc.
  3. Content Category → this is the payment method used e.g. Stripe, Afterpay.


Now that you understand what a Conversion API is, learn how to get set up using this help doc.