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Do you want an automatic discount to apply for some of your guests? Boomerang Promotions is the way to do this. We do this by uploading a list of mobile numbers and then linking them to a promotion we set up in Boomerang.

Once you have set this up, any guest will automatically receive a discount in the payment screen without needing to enter a voucher code.

There are 2 steps to setting this up.

Uploading a list of Mobile numbers

  1. Download the following file.


  1. At a minimum, you need to enter Mobile Number and Member ID. If you don't have a member ID, you can use their mobile number.
Mobile number should include the country code ie for an Australian number it should be 61412345678

If you are entering an expiry date for the member, the date format should be YYYY-MM-DD
  1. When you have added all of your contacts, email the file to and we will add these members to your venue.

Creating a promotion in Boomerang

  1. Make sure you are logged in to Boomerang.
  2. Select Campaigns and then select the + icon in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Promotion
  4. Enter a Name for the promotion
  5. Select Create Level and enter a Name for the level
  6. Setup a discount as you would for a normal discount voucher. We generally recommend using the Percentage type discount for Promotions.
    Optional Step: Use validation rules if you would like to limit the discount
  7. Select Done
  8. Select Next Step, Next Step, Next Step, Save

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