Tabs FAQ

Our new tabs feature allows you to order with your friends and receive an itemised bill at the end of your visit.

How does it work?

When you place your first order, you will be able to select Start a Tab in the payment screen. You'll then be asked to choose a payment method, and then you'll be taken to a confirmation screen with a QR code for your guests to scan. When your guest has scanned the QR code, they will be able to select your tab as a payment method when they are paying.

How do I close my tab?

When you scan the venues QR code, there will be an option called Manage my tab. From here, you can select Close my tab. If you forget to do this, we'll close your tab 3 hours after the last order on the tab.

How do I get a copy of my tab bill?

You will have received a text message when you closed your tab with a link to your invoice.

How does my card get charged?

Your card will be charged each time you or your guest places an order.


If you have any questions about your tab, you can shoot us an email


If you set up a tab before the 18th of January, the FAQ's below are relevant. If you set up a tab after that date, we no longer take pre-authorisation from your card and instead charge you as you go.

Why is there still a charge on my account?

  • Depending on which bank you are with, it can take between 2-5 business days for an authorisation to clear. This time is set by your bank, so unfortunately we can’t speed this up from our end.

Why is there an extra authorisation charge on my account?

  • Occasionally a bank will authorise a charge, which causes a pending charge, and then capture it, causing another charge, in quick succession. When this happens, a customer may see a pending charge and a second charge for the same amount. In this case, your bank will remove this charge in 2-5 business days.

Why do I have so many $100 charges on my account? Why isn’t there just one charge?

  • We pre-authorise your account for $100 at a time, unless the order is over $100, in which case we will pre-authorise for the order amount. We do this to ensure that there are enough funds on your card to pay for your tab. Once your tab reaches $100, we then pre-authorise for another $100.