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How Mr Yum Payouts Work 🤔

When your customers order through Mr Yum, the Mr Yum platform processes the payment then pays the money out to your chosen bank account, minus Mr Yum's agreed percentage fee.

We do daily payouts 5 days a week, 3 days in arrears as Fri-Sun are paid out on the same day. Each day's payments are delayed by 3 business banking days as that's how long the money takes to arrive in our account before we can pay it out to you.

Our payouts are made in UTC time, not AEST, so "Monday" sales are from 12:00 am - 11:59 pm UTC time which is actually 11:00 am Monday - 10:59 am Tuesday AEST (Melbourne) or 10:00 am Monday - 9:59 am Tuesday AEST (Brisbane) due to Daylight Savings.

When do I get paid?! 🤑

If you are in Melbourne, which is 10-11 hours ahead of UTC time (depending on daylight savings), the payout schedule is as follows for October - April:

  • Sales made between Monday 11:00am - Tuesday 10:59 am are paid out on Thursday
  • Sales made between Tuesday 11:00am - Wednesday 10:59 am are paid out on Friday
  • Sales made between Wednesday 11:00am - Thursday 10:59 am are paid out on the following Monday
  • Sales made between Thursday 11:00am - Friday 10:59 am are paid out on the following Tuesday
  • Sales made between Friday 11:00am - Monday 10:59 am are paid out on Wednesday

* From April - October, the times will be 10:00 am - 9:59 am the next day.

Please note that public holidays may impact this schedule and you will be paid on the next banking day in those cases.

If you live outside of Melbourne, you can Google your timezone compared to UTC to work out how your payouts will work. For example, New Zealand is 13 hours ahead of UTC time so their times will be from 1:00 pm - 12:59 pm.


Why is my Sales Report different to what I was paid out?

As mentioned above, our payouts are made in UTC time, however, your sales report will show in your own timezone.

For example, you Sales Report will run from Monday 12:00 am – 11:59 pm, however the Payout Report runs from Monday 11:00 am – Tuesday 10:59 am.

To compare reports, you can view your sales report in the payout time period.

  • Go to "Reports & Payouts" in the Manage Portal
  • Go to "Sales Report"
  • In the top right, change the time period accordingly
    • For example, if you see the sales report for Thursday the 19th's payout, you would change the dates to Monday the 16/11 11 am - Tuesday the 17/11 10:59 am.

I did this and the values are still different! 😅

If you have a card surcharge set up, this amount will appear in your sales report but will not be included in your payout.

You can see how much was on-charged to the customer in the Manage Portal.

  • Go to "Reports & Payouts" in the Manage Portal
  • Go to "Sales Report"
  • Select the time period (based off UTC time)
  • "Card Fee On-Charged" will be in the top right

This amount will be the difference.

The order level breakdown for each payout is under Reports & Payouts > Payouts.