Add a pop-up note on your menu

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How to add a pop-up message on your menu

You can add a pop-up window in Mr Yum that appears once people first arrive on your menu.

You can also use this space to promote any special events, for example Valentine's day!

  1. Go to Venue Details > Home Page & Branding.

  1. In the Pop-up Notification field, upload the pop-up notification image and enter the message you'd like to show all customers landing on your menu.
  2. You can edit the pop-up notification text to make it bold, italics or even add a link!
    Just use the following format :
    **bold text** for bold text
    *italicized text* for italics text
    [clickable text] (
  1. Click Save.
  2. Go to your Mr Yum menu URL and check it appears as you expected so that you can adjust it as necessary.

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