How to add additional info to your menu

Add extra information on your menu such as dietary and public holiday surcharge information using the “info menu item” type.

You can create what is called Info items to your menu that can provide your customers with special information but aren't actual food or drink items that are clickable.

For example, if you charge an extra 10% on public holidays or want to explain your allergy information you can create info items on your menu.

Here is an example, where this menu has a section called "Extra Information", an Info Item called "Dietary Information" and then a description within it.


  1. Go to Your Menu Menu Items.
  2. Click on the menu category where you would like the info to appear. If you only have one menu category on your menu, this will be called Main Menu.
  3. At the bottom of the section where you'd like to add the info, click Create new menu item in “Section name”.
  4. Enter the Name and Description.
  5. Type: Info.
  6. When you put info as the Type, you won't need to enter a Display Price.
  7. Keep the price in cents as 0.
  8. Category: Select Other.
  9. Click Create.


For Example: